Swastikas in the Bathroom: Connecting the Dots between White Nationalism, White Supremacy, the Alt-Right, and the Alt-Light

The shooting rampages and bias incidents in schools are not disconnected. They are all part of a giant, manipulative, recruitment effort spreading so quickly that most people are woefully unaware of crucial details. This resource connects the dots so we can better articulate the danger.

Want to interrupt white nationalist expansion?

JOIN US!— Let’s create a national network of people working to disrupt white nationalist recruitment. We have big ideas and need as many people involved as possible. We’ll work together to locate, create, and share resources and strategies and then support each other to make use of them. Interested? Sign up here.

So… You Have White Guilt. What Now?

A recorded webinar on how to transform your guilty feelings into effective anti-racist action, recognize destructive patterns, and develop a healthier anti-racist white self. Produced and made available by Everyday Feminism. Available for on demand viewing.

Webinar Leaders: Salina Gray, Educator, Mentor, Champion, and Shelly Tochluk, Educator, Advocate, Author

Living in the Tension Workshop Series

This series provides free agendas and handouts for community groups to deepen their anti-racism practice. Move through the series chapter-by-chapter or by thematic thread, depending upon your needs. Check it out!

Let’s Talk About Race | TEDx San Juan Island

Take a listen while I share about what I’ve learned about race, racial identity, and the need to show up for racial justice.


Visit the Witnessing Whiteness Workshop Series webpage to access a full set of curriculum resources you can use with your community as you read Witnessing Whiteness together. Workshop agendas with facilitation guidance and handouts are available for free download.

First reported on by NBC News in November 2014 (see above), the Witnessing Whiteness program offered by the YWCA-St. Louis continues. Listen and view this NBC News update offered in December 2018: In time of viral encounters, ‘white spaces’ are used to confront biases


Every summer I help co-produce and co-facilitate a 4-day institute called Unmasking Whiteness with AWARE-LA. It is designed for white people who want to dig deep and investigate white identity, privilege, and how to develop their anti-racist toolkit. Join us! Registration opens each December and spots tend to fill very quickly. Learn more here.



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