Contact Me:Shelly Tochluk, Ph.D.
Professor, Education Department
Education Department, Building 20
Mount Saint Mary’s University
10 Chester Place, Los Angeles, CA 90007

A short bio…
An educator, with a background in psychology, I spent ten years as a researcher, counselor, and teacher in California’s public schools. I now train teachers to work with Los Angeles’ diverse school population as a Professor in the Education Department at Mount Saint Mary’s University-Los Angeles. My personal dedication to confront issues of race developed first through my participation with UCLA’s NCAA Division-1 All-American Track and Field 4X400 meter relay team and later through my inner city teaching experiences. I currently work with AWARE-LA (Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere-Los Angeles). With this group, I co-created a workshop series that leads white people into a deeper understanding of their personal relationship to race, white privilege, and systemic racism.


Pieces of my life’s mosaic…

These are my closest teacher-
friends, partners on my journey, and
endless sources of inspiration.