Goals of the Series

  • Develop a balanced approach to tensions that often disrupt racial justice efforts.

  • Build the capacity to effectively use one’s voice in support of racial justice.

  • Strengthen community among people invested in racial justice work.

Watch the 2-minute introduction video to hear suggestions for how to navigate and use the resources provided on this page.

General Approach

  • Integrated, comprehensive, guided experience. Agendas, handouts, and facilitation notes align with Living in the Tension: The Quest for a Spiritualized Racial Justice.
  • Dialogue-based, experiential approach. Workshop agendas allow groups of 5 to 25 people to explore how issues discussed in Living in the Tension relate to personal lives and communities.
  • Non-linear, thematic approach. Select exercises to match your group’s needs. Thematic threads available include activities designed to build community, analysis, emotional capacity, and “both/and” communication skills.
  • Grassroots philosophy. Assumes people learn by doing, and groups need to organize themselves to develop skills and capacities that bring needed change to organizations, institutions, and communities.
  • Accessible and sustainable. Workshop agendas and facilitator’s notes offer detailed instructions so groups can avoid hiring an expensive consultant.
  • Free online resources — Printed manuals available. Each printed manual is $55 (check/venmo) or $60 (credit card). Contact Shelly Tochluk at stochluk@msmu.edu or shelly@unitybridges.org to order.

Overview Resource Documents

Series Design and Overview
Facilitation Guide
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Living in the Tension: The Quest for a Spiritualized Racial Justice

For group orders of the book, email Crandall, Dostie, and Douglass Books at publisher@cddbooks.com or call 908-241-5439.
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Agendas and Handouts – Search by Chapter

Download and review a full chapter set of exercises to learn how the series is put together. It’s a great way to discover which thematic strands are most essential for your group.

Chapter 1 – Transcendence and Race Consciousness
Chapter 2 – Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement
Chapter 3 – Personal Healing and Political Action
Chapter 4 – Common Humanity and Group Differences
Chapter 5 – Belonging and Appropriation
Chapter 6 – Inner Truth and Accountability

Agendas and Handouts -Search by Thematic Strand

Once you have a sense of how each chapter is constructed, use this searchable database to quickly access exercises in the specific thematic strands that interest you.

All Exercises
Community Exploration
Community-based Scenarios
Analysis Building
Emotional Capacity Building
Skills Building
Closing Rituals