Exercises for Chapter 1

Discuss communication guidelines, review the goals for the workshop, and allow participants to begin to get to know one another. (20 minutes)
Explore and share participants’ personal experiences with the various tensions described in Chapter 1 in order to create a shared understanding among group members. (30-60 minutes)
Use a scenario to reveal participants’ thoughts about how various tensions manifest, provide an opportunity to create a common understanding of the issues, and strategize future responses. (55 minutes)
Explore our readiness to engage in conversations with people who purport to care about racial justice, and yet continue to deflect conversations about race. (40 minutes)
Experience mild discomfort in order to reflect on how we can value and tolerate the discomfort that comes with engaging in race and racial justice work. (50 minutes)

Begin noticing our use of “but,” “yet,” and “however,” and to shift toward the use of “and.” (1 hour 10 minutes)

Options to close the session. (10 minutes)
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