1.0 - Introductions and Discussion Guidelines

1.0 – Introductions and Discussion Guidelines – (20 minutes)

Materials needed: Workshop goals, discussion guidelines, gender pronouns handout, butcher paper, and markers

Purpose of piece: To discuss communication guidelines, explain the practice of naming gender pronouns for those who are unfamiliar with the practice, review the goals for the workshop, and allow participants to begin to get to know one another.

Instructions: Facilitators introduce themselves, ask participants to say their name, gender pronouns, and one sentence to describe why they decided to come to the workshop. (As needed, distribute the gender pronoun handout 1.0 and discuss.) Review the goals for the workshop series, selecting those that make most sense for your group from the list in the introductory material. Ask participants to read the discussion guidelines posted on the wall aloud. (Handout 1.0b is available as a sample set of guidelines. Feel free to create your own.) Ask participants what questions they have. Invite participants to add to the list any additional discussion guidelines they think would be helpful. Write them on the piece of butcher paper. Retain the butcher paper and use this modified list for all future workshops.