Exercises for Chapter 3

To demonstrate that it is much harder to navigate a system when you don’t know the rules. To make the point that being able to recognize a system in operation is valuable. (10 minutes)
To provide a group with the opportunity to evaluate and consider how to leverage the wisdom of each pole of the core tensions described in Chapter 3 in order to create a shared understanding among group members. (60 minutes)
Use a scenario to reveal participants’ thoughts about how various tensions manifest, provide an opportunity to create a common understanding of the issues, and strategize future responses. (55 minutes)
To clarify our understanding of what constitutes racial justice, consciousness-raising, and action. To explore our personal beliefs and set personal goals. (60 minutes)
To expand our capacity to listen and experience gratitude when receiving critical feedback. (1 hour 15 minutes)

Designed for groups composed of white participants: To reflect on the use of the terms “allyship” and “solidarity,” investigate how the Skill Sets of Agents theoretical model, by Leticia Nieto, might help us more effectively engage people while offering a systemic lens, and reflect on our own stories of how we became aware of systemic injustice. (1 hour 15 minutes)

Options to close the session. (10 minutes)
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