4.0 - Warm-up - Who are you?

4.0 – Warm-up – Who are you? (15 minutes)

Materials needed: One small nerf ball

Purpose of piece: To break the ice, get involved in sharing about themselves, and have fun with our identities. To make the point that we are all both similar and different from one another.

Say to group: We are going to start out with an activity to get us thinking about how we might be both similar and different from one another.

  • While sitting in a circle, one at a time, a person throws a small nerf ball to another person in the circle. When you catch the ball you say “My name is ______ and I _______” and finish the sentence with a phrase that describes you. For example, I might say… “My name is _________, and I am a woman. Or, I am a teacher. Or, I am an only child. Or, I love to dance.”
  • I will then pause while everyone else in the group who can say yes to that phrase either stands, raises a hand, or uses some other method of recognizing the similarity. We will take a moment to recognize who shares the same aspect of identity.
  • Then, I would say, “Who are you?” and throw the ball to someone else. That person would then say “My name is ________ and I am __________” and finish the sentence and pause until those who also share that identity are recognized.
  • Continue playing until everyone has had a chance to participate and/or it is clear that there are many points of both similarity and difference.

Say to group: As we get ready to transition, I invite you to take just a minute or two to reflect on any thoughts or feelings that were prompted by this ice breaker activity.

Wrap up:  In this activity we notice how we are both similar and different from one another. It’s a chance to highlight that even as we discuss how being part of our racial group affects us, we also recognize that we each will bring both similar and different experiences to the table.