5.0 - Warm up - A Little Revelation

5.0 – Warm up – A Little Revelation   (15 minutes)

Materials needed: None

Purpose of piece: To begin sharing information about one another related to personal decision-making and its relationship to individual and collective needs.

Say to group: We’re going to start by doing an activity in three parts. During each section you’ll introduce yourselves with a small revelation about yourself. You’ll be given a prompt so you’ll know what kind of detail you’ll be sharing. What you want to do is to tell your revelation to as many people in the group as possible, one at a time, during the time given, which will be just a few minutes per rotation.

Read the first statement to the group, and give participants 5 minutes or less to introduce themselves and tell their revelation to the other group members. Stop the group after 5 minutes (or if anyone has finished revealing themselves to everyone in the group), and move to rotation 2, etc.

  • Rotation 1: Hi, my name is ________, and when I’m feeling particularly selfish (or individualistic or self-centered), I ____________________________________.
  • Rotation 2: Hi, my name is ________, and when I’m feeling particularly communal (or community oriented, or altruistic, I ____________________________________.
  • Rotation 3: Hi, my name is ________, and when I’m feeling particularly conflicted about something, I ____________________________________.

Wrap up: This warm up activity is meant to highlight that we all have moments when we’re operating out of personal desires, when we’re attentive to others’ needs, and when we’re not sure what to do.