Exercises for Chapter 6

To relax the tension we carry in our bodies. (10 minutes)
To consider how each of four different perspectives might provide different insight into how to respond to a challenging situation. (35 minutes)
Use a scenario to reveal participants’ thoughts about how various tensions manifest, provide an opportunity to create a common understanding of the issues, and strategize future responses. (55 minutes)
To deepen our understanding of issues fundamental to racial justice in order to better explain them to others. Topics to be considered include: equality vs equity, intent vs impact, and intersectionality as an analysis of power/oppression.(65 minutes)
To practice listening in the face of challenging material. To recognize the value in radical proposals intended to serve racial justice. (60 minutes)

To consider how a single individual can use “both/and” thinking in an attempt to remain accountably engaged with multiple groups with varying points of view. To explore the degree to which various uses of voice are accountable within the context of relationship. (50 minutes)

A closing reflection to read before participants offer one word or sentence to capture their feeling. (10 minutes)
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