6.6 - Closing/Ritual Check out

6.6 – Closing Ritual/Checkout – (10 minutes)

A closing reflection to read before participants offer one word or sentence to capture their feeling.

Option 1.

A traditional Hindu Prayer, translated and adapted by Abhi Janamanchi, from Voices from the Margins

May good befall all.

May there be peace for all.

May all be fit for excellence.

May all experience the holy.

May all be happy.

May all be healthy.

May all experience what is good.

May no one suffer.

Book Reference:

Jacqui James and Mark D. Morrison-Reed (2012). Voices from the Margins. Skinner House.

Option 2.

NOTE: Read only the sections appropriate for the group.

Metta Meditation:

Metta (loving kindness) for we

  1. May we be free of the emotional pain and suffering caused by racism.
  2. May our mental and emotional wounds and scars (of anger, rage, shame and guilt) caused by racism be healed.
  3. May the energies generated by our experience of racism be put to constructive use.
  4. May the energies generated by our experience of racism cycle out of our bodies without harming others.
  5. May we face instances of racism awake and with right view.
  6. May we bring to encounters of racism a compassionate, loving and peaceful heart.

Metta (loving kindness) for people of color

  1. May the wounds, deformities and disabilities of the generations and the POC collective be healed.
  2. May people of color have collective strength, wisdom and equanimity.
  3. May there be release of all blocked and negative energy patterns within the generational lines of the people of color collective, steadily healing each person day by day.
  4. May the collective rage, despair and fear be lifted and dissipated.
  5. May people of color be happy, healthy and peaceful.
  6. May people of color be forgiving of ourselves and each other.
  7. May people of color be kind and compassionate towards ourselves and each other.

Metta (loving kindness) for white folks

  1. May fear and callousness drop away from the hearts and minds of white folks.
  2. May white folks be freed of ignorance, malice, confusion and resentment.
  3. May the hearts of white folks soften into their essential goodness.
  4. May all white folks be free of hatred, ill will and delusion.
  5. May white folks live in ease and in peace.
  6. May white folks experience healing and health in mind, body and spirit.

Meditation Reference:

This was suggested as a modified version of a meditation published by Rita Howard.